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We enjoy the journey with our clients just as much as the destination. Our aim is to work hard to get things done in weeks, not months. Let’s team up to combine your knowledge of your organisation with our experience! Work with us and you'll see!


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blindmowing was conceived from a desire to create that just wouldn't take no for an answer. We are a creative agency from Sydney, Australia, specialising in video production and graphic & web design.


We're small and we like it! It allows us to stay limber, huddle in close with our clients and pour all of our energy and excitement into every project we take on! From large scale projects to small start ups, we’re capable of bringing your ideas to life!












Harry Kemp

Producer & Cinematographer

Callum McSullea

Graphic & Web Designer





Callum takes the reins on our design and web projects. Currently a graphic design student at the Design Center Enmore (DCE), finishing off his Diploma in Graphic Design, Callum spreads himself between his work and studies. Known as the tailor, Callum knows exactly how to create the image that will fit your organisation perfectly.


Harry wears the pants when it comes to our video production projects. Harry's unyielding love for cinematography makes him a true guru. Harry's work ethic and knowledge has earned him a steady foothold in the industry. A true magician, his sorcery is sure to conjure up some stunning results.


Just fill out the contact form and take the first step in bringing your ideas to life! Responses within 24 hours. Guaranteed. We can't wait to work with you!



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